Your Culture Breeds Your Success

Your business culture is the heart and soul of your business, the relationship that you have with your employees and the relationship that they have with you.

When you think sales you might not always immediately think culture but it’s absolutely fundamental to everything we do at Elation. It doesn’t matter how effective your sales activities are, or how powerful your processes and management are, if you haven’t created an environment in which your team can thrive, you will not be achieving optimum performance.

Defining and embedding a high performing culture is something that many businesses find challenging even in a normal operating environment. In this period in which we find ourselves, all working in quite unusual circumstances, often at home, often distanced from our colleagues in an entirely unusual working environment, creating a culture is an even harder thing to do.

But it is absolutely fundamental to the performance of your organisation.

In this blog we will go through the four fundamental building blocks that will enable you to create the total motivation model in your business.  And we encourage you to start thinking about how these four areas can be maximised, enhanced and affected in your current business structure.

  1. Functional Surroundings

The environment in which we carry out our job, contributes to how effectively we deliver on that role. Having a nice space to work in with access to the right types of tools and equipment are fundamental to how effective and productive we are.

We can easily influence this when someone is working in rented office accommodation that has been bespokely designed for a business, but how do we do that for someone working from their back bedroom?

What piece of work have you done to ensure that your team members have the right equipment and set-up facilities at home to replicate a highly effective working environment?

  1. Consistency of Expectations

This is about the behaviours, values, beliefs and rituals that are considered best practice in your organisation. When we arrive at our place of work we have a daily schedule that we have to adhere to; we have a dress code; the business has a style; there are certain principles, tones (of voice) around the way that things are done that allow your customers, employees and your suppliers to understand what is expected of them when they work with your organisation.

What can you do to ensure that even when someone is working in their own home environment, they are still clear about expectations and are adopting the culture of your business in a consistent fashion?

  1. Community and Acceptance

This is about how we ensure that we have a cohesive team that work well together. It’s about how we ensure that everyone feels acknowledged and has a sense of belonging within that team and how we ensure that people feel like they have a role to play within that organisation and that they are contributing to it. Community and acceptance are very easy to deliver well when you are all operating together in a united space where you have face-to-face contact.

What steps is your business taking to ensure that community and acceptance remains a key defining factor of your business when we can’t work face-to-face?

  1. Respect and Engagement

How do we recognise contribution to the business; how do we praise success; how do we give feedback: how do we make sure that individuals in our team feel like they have a voice and they are able to add value and have an opinion and contribute thought to the organisation?

What mechanisms do you have in place in order to publicly celebrate individuals when they sit at home in relative isolation?

How are you ensuring that there are still lines of communication open that make your business somewhere where everyone feels engaged?


Getting these 4 building blocks of total motivation in place is absolutely fundamental in your business regardless of the working scenario, but the challenges around it become even more real when we don’t get to engage face-to-face with our team members.

We really encourage you to consider this Elation model for total motivation.

Ask yourselves

We hope that this blog will help you to ‘Elate your teams’ and ensure that you keep growing.


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