Why I told my client to shut up!

Have you ever been in front of a client and been so certain that if they don’t change their way of thinking or their opinion in some way, you simply cannot deliver the results you know they want and need? YES? Then… YOU HAVE TO SAY SOMETHING!


It’s not a regular habit of mine to tell my clients off! In fact, I spend my life talking about creating high quality, inclusive customer journeys, so a liberal sprinkling of telling off is not my style. I believe in coaching and discussion – and respecting all views.

I also believe in being friendly and positive. So…. why did I stand my ground in this case?

Well, one of the things I am more certain about than almost anything in business is the environment in which you work impacts directly on how well the job gets done. Check out these studies for more information on culture.

In fact, I talk about Your Culture Bringing Your Success – A LOT! Check out this video:

So, back to my client! He is a very powerful businessman, but he comes with some very old-fashioned ideas. He puts no store in nurturing staff; he does not believe in reward; and he cannot conceive that surroundings and behaviours could impact the results his sales team delivers.

During our meeting I was asking him to consider three key things:

Providing functional surroundings: Drab offices, with poor facilities will not encourage or motivate the team.

Committing to clear expectations: Constantly changing the goal posts, changing targets, processes and commission structures do not breed success.

Rewarding success: Ensuring you praise positive contribution as much if not more as you challenge poor performance is essential to establishing a culture of high performance.

These were all things missing in my client’s business. There was a big problem with the culture.

He was very keen to invest in training for his team, but I was confident that without cultural change any training would fail to bring about a meaningful transformation in results.

The performance of a team is a holistic thing. The reason I built the Growth Framework was in order to encourage people to think about generating sales not just as an activity, but more as a set of practices and behaviours that in turn create consistent success.

If you’re still wondering whether culture is really that important, think about the successful teams you know. Sports teams, choir groups, businesses – the one thing really world class teams all share is that everyone REALLY wants to be there.

That is what culture does

If you doubt whether your people really want to be there, you need to start thinking about how to change your culture.

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