The Top Five Lessons I am Taking from 2018

“Constant improvement requires constant change. Change something every day.”

This has been my personal mantra for years. My business teaches others how to be awesome by driving constant change so and we are really serious about practising what we preach.

2018 was a year full of change for Elation and as exciting as it was, with change comes challenge. As I sit in the first month of 2019 looking back at what we have achieved I am celebrating progress I am celebrating a real leap forward for my business and I am recognising a lot of learnings. Here are the top five lessons I am taking from 2018.


1. Intention is everything

I took on some really big projects this year, committed to some goals that were bigger than we have ever achieved. There was a lot of risk in some of these decisions, but we made them anyway. I firmly believe that the reason we were successful in achieving them is that no-one in our team ever doubted we would. We never stopped doing the right things, taking the right action, even when the outcome looked far out of reach. We committed ourselves in mindset as well as action and we made it happen.


2. If you believe it live it.

At Elation we spend all day everyday talking about our Growth Framework – we share it with businesses constantly and we watch it bring amazing results every day. At some point in 2018 we forgot to apply it to our business. The rigour started slipping and we weren’t getting where we needed to be. As soon as we reminded ourselves that it is the bedrock of any businesses success, we re focused and our results changed. If you know something works don’t forget to do it. Everyday!


3. Keep your respected peers close to you.

I am lucky enough to have excellent relationships with some amazing sales professionals who enrich the business world. (*) and my connections with them help me in business all the time. Great advice, great insights, great perspective and above all great business support. A few times last year I got lost in the madness of the day to day and let those connections slip. Every time I reconnected I found energy and inspiration – so thanks to all of them and here’s to a collaborative 2019.


4. That the off switch is as important as the on switch.

There were points during the last year when I was working much harder that is sensible for any business owner. 18 hour days, 1000 miles a week, the stuff that I always tell everyone will never work – I had some very specific goals to meet and I was single minded in achieving them. I flopped into the Christmas holidays dazed by the stress of the amount of balls I was juggling and then I switched off. For 21 days I paused. I enjoyed family, I avoided deadlines, I was just me. The result – I got better at my job. I am productive – I am focused I am motivated. If you push yourself too hard you risk failing.


5. You don’t just need good people, you need your people.

I have worked in management and recruitment for most of my life and I pride myself on being able to spot talent. I have seldom struggled to find capable people to take the posts we have in business but the most transformational lesson of 2018 for me is that it is not simply what someone is capable of that makes them great. It is what they want for themselves. At Elation we have a specific way of working – we push ourselves always. We never settle. We want to be better than we were yesterday, every day. The people who make impact on this business are people who share that mindset. The major leaps that we have made this year is because everyone who works in my business shares a single thing in common a relentless desire to be the best.

So I am heading into 2019 with a lot of enthusiasm – the business is a more robust, more scalable, more exciting place to work. I learn new lessons everyday but those above are the ones that will stay with me from 2018.

What bonuses did 2018 bring for you? What change will 2019 hold?


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