The Three Pillars of Sales Success

Three Areas of Focus to Increase Sales

Depending on what article you’re reading, somewhere between 20-80% of businesses don’t make it, so I thought I’d share a really key equation that’s almost guaranteed to help a business succeed…. More Sales = More Success.

Obviously there’s a lot more to it than that, but in essence if you want your business to grow you need to sell more. So how do you sell more? Well, that’s where it gets a bit more tricky…

Anyone who’s met with Elation over the last couple of years will have heard us talking about the Three Pillars of Sales Success. The Three Pillars is the basis of our business growth methodology The Growth Framework we’ve developed that really does make it simple to increase your sales: in essence, if you perform well in each of the three pillars you’ll see sales success. So what are they?

Sales Process: A robust sales process allows a business to organise its activities to ensure they meet specific goals. This isn’t just your high-level processes but your day-to-day plans for communicating to the external community, which need to be in place to really drive sales. This pillar is about defining the blueprint that controls business success.

Your sales process should be a detailed strategy for guiding your customers along the customer journey: From the moment they hear of you to the point they become a loyal customer you have many opportunities to influence their decision to buy, so what are you doing at each stage to control this?

Take a look at the technology you’re using at each stage, and consider things such as:

Sales Activity: Sales activities are the individual communications within your sales process that your prospects and clients receive when they deal with you. Sales activities are an organisation’s way of communicating to existing and potential customers, so they must be consistent, represent the business effectively and meet the requirements of the customer. To achieve strength in this pillar you need to look at not only what activities are being conducted, but the quality and quantity of these activities, as well as how they interact with each other and other areas of the business.

Sales Management: The management pillar is really about who is responsible for the overall sales success, and how they are held accountable. Sales management focuses on two areas; management itself, which is ensuring everything is in place to ensure that the process is happening in the most effective way, and leadership, which requires a strong and motivated team and driving them to reach their goals. When assessing the strengths of sales management, you should consider the following areas:

How are you performing in each of the Three Pillars? With a few small tweaks it’s possible to see some really strong growth in your sales. Take a look at your own sales function and give yourself some honest feedback. What could you be doing better, and what impact would that have?

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