The Power of Choice – Your Very Own Superpower!

At Elation, we spend our lives talking about how to grow a business. We talk about adopting the right practices and embracing the correct techniques. We talk about the characteristics of a high performing business all… the… time. So, when I work with my clients, I am constantly reflecting that real success is about 50% technique and 50% mindset and I truly believe that.


I do not profess to be a mindset coach, but I do know a bit about choosing behaviours that bring about success. In fact, The Power of Choice is something I talk about regularly from a life and business perspective.

My belief in The Power of Choice has driven me to achieve many of the biggest milestones in my life and is one of the key ways we can own our success. So, let’s discuss The Power of Choice.

Let me tell you about a time in which owning my ability to choose has made the difference to my life.

In 2009 when I first became a Mum, I decided I wanted to be able to spend time at home with my daughter and not work a 9-5 job. As soon as I was sure I wanted that for my future – I quit my highly paid job and set about building a business of my own. 10 years later Elation has employed over 50 people – has experienced transformational growth and is the source of financial stability for me and my family.

When I made the decision to take that step, I had no experience of running my own business. I had done no research into the formalities of business ownership. I had no plan or forecast in place… But I knew I had The Power of Choice.

I chose the behaviours of a successful business person – I ‘did’ business every day. I built a brand. I did competitor research. I created a web presence. I thought about how I wanted my life to be and the work I wanted to do – and I chose that.

“I quickly learned to define what success looked like and I held myself accountable to those standards every day.”

For some people facts like… ‘I have never written a website’; ‘I don’t know how to manage business accounts’; and ‘I’m not used to working alone’ would have been barriers. Not for me. I chose the outcomes I wanted, and I chose the behaviours that would get me there.

So why do I tell this story? I tell you because for most of the people and businesses I see who are not achieving what they truly wish for, The Power of Choice changes everything.

I recently faced a real personal challenge. I had to make a very significant change in my life quickly. This involved increasing the revenue in my business by 50%. It involved restructuring my weekly routines, my place of work, the team I worked with and almost everything else in my life; and it required me achieving it all in about 8 weeks.

It all got done.

I had to change some of my behaviours – mostly only temporarily to create the change I had chosen – but it all got done. I am grateful and surprised in equal measure when people praise me for what I achieved in that period. I made a choice – a choice about the way I wanted to be. A choice about the life I wanted to live and I made it non-negotiable.

Choose the outcomes. Choose the behaviours. Get the results.



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