The Pillars = strength and support

What’s this ‘Pillars’ thing all about?

Everything we do at Elation Experts is under-pinned by our unique Three Pillars of Successful Selling methodology, which is the brainchild of thought-leader and entrepreneur Karen Dunne-Squire, Creator and MD of Elation Experts.

During her 15 years working in corporate sales, Karen realised there was a big difference between the way ‘big business’ sales functions operated and the way smaller companies were working to attract new customers.

So, she set about levelling the playing field and developed The Three Pillars of Successful Selling – the first methodology of its kind which applies ‘Big Business Corporate Insights’ to SMEs in a way that makes sense for them. The ultimate aim is always to give small to medium sized businesses real data to build on and allow them to succeed in a way they never thought possible.

At Elation we spend a lot of time working with businesses just like yours to understand your development opportunities. No matter what your business sells, what your market is, or how big you are, there is a consistent set of areas we review to assess your strengths and understand your opportunities for development. Karen believes that all sales operations in all businesses require strength in three key areas to make them really successful.

Introducing the Three Pillars of Successful Selling

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Karen came across as very personable, took on board what we were looking to achieve, and understood [our] challenges. We felt Karen was suited to what we were looking to accomplish with our team.

Gwill Evans, Course Advisor Team Leader Lifetime Training Bespoke Training Programme

We were receiving some mixed feedback from clients and had ‘patchy’ staff attendance rates. Karen’s training with the team has had a massive impact on performance and productivity.

Indre Morkuniene, Development Manager Construction Support Three Pillars Programme
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