SALES DELIVERY – Keeping your Homeworking Team focused

So; we find ourselves in a place where the needs of our teams are ever greater, but budgets are ever smaller.

We are in a world in which people being the best, most effective versions of themselves is essential, but time and motivation may be short.

Our clients require plans to be rewritten and strategies to be as robust as they can be, to ensure survival.

Following 100s of conversations with clients and business colleagues alike, we have created a list of helpful tips that your business might be able to use to drive real results and we are building content to make this accessible to you.

  1. Online daily huddles. Providing motivation/goal setting and planning support for your team is key.  Ensuring that team members have clear focus and plans for productive days, delivering tips and tricks to update skill set, and holding people accountable to performance, should be provided to all team members operating from home.
  2. Live phone call coaching. Offering 1-2-1 support can ensure that call quality remains high and consistent.  With live online coaching and/or call recording technology, you can implement quality control for your team and ensure the client contact in your business remains high.
  3. Daily Training and Management Challenges. With advanced training software you can schedule live training reminders and coaching activities straight into your team’s laptops and give grading and coaching around their work.
  4. Maximising Your Online Communication. Ensuring that your client contact remains of a high standard is hard in the absence of face to face meetings.  The use of video conferencing is ever more key but there are nuances to ensuring that the levels of engagement and the content quality are high and it is important to be aware of these.
  5. Bringing them in from the cold: Training and guiding your face to face sales teams on how to utilise video conferencing and phone conversations in the place of face to face meetings is paramount in helping them remain productive and effective for your business.
  6. Qualifying and engaging clients. With the right communication plans and strategies your team can really have an impact on both understanding and influencing your clients – Using a checklist method can ensure that you maintain high credibility with your target market in these challenging times.
  7. Furlough Engagement: The team members that you have at home on furlough, waiting to return to your business, are at risk of disconnection and stagnation.   Finding a way to keep their skills switched on and to ensure they are aware of the new selling and communication needs of the business, will enable them to return to their roles in good form.
  8. Home working Culture: The culture of your business is key to the performance levels you achieve.  Building and maintaining a high performing culture becomes more and more challenging when you do not have the benefit of a company workspace and your team members will want more regular support and guidance. Sometimes this is 1-2-1 coaching and sometimes mindset work to keep your teams performing on your behalf.

So there’s eight things here that will be highly important for you to make sure that you are getting the right level of productivity and effectiveness out of your teams and to make sure that your customers are still getting the excellent experience that they deserve to continue working with you. If any of these have resonated, we can guide you to ways in which you can pick up the conversation around how to keep your homeworking teams focused.

For further information take a look at this video

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