Sales Activities – More Than Just a Call

At Elation we are often asked: How complex can a sales cycle be? The answer of course is: Very!

There are a myriad of sales and marketing activities that you can introduce into your sales process and whilst you certainly do not want to over complicate your systems it is definitely worth being as innovative as possible.

Here are some notes from our latest brain storm about ways to communicate your message.


Placing product or service adverts in either print or online media is no longer an essential way to promote your business, but for the right companies it can still pay dividends. Talk to a professional – not just about what to say but also where to place the advert.

Blogging/White paper:

Demonstrating your business knowledge by writing about it. There are many places you can publish these: on business forums, your website or your blog.


A chatbot is a software application used to conduct an online chat conversation via text or text-to-speech in place of direct contact with a live human agent. A chatbot is a type of software that can automate conversations and interact with people through messaging platforms.


Standard content marketing campaigns to communicate your business ideas, or one to one emails with relevant information, are a great way to communicate your businesses strengths. MAKE SURE YOU GET OPT IN!

Email Automation

Email automation is a way to create emails that reach the right people with the right message at the right moment, without having to recreate it each time. Sending automated messages requires a specialised marketing automation tool.


Taking a stand at a local business exhibition can be a key way of getting in front of your clients and establishing your brand in the market. Do your research, as you need to invest in the right one.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing involving endorsements and product placement from influencers; people and organisations who have a purported expert level of knowledge or social influence in their field.


Get face to face with your clients by picking the right networking events. (Watch this space for some great info about where to network in Bristol).

Online Reviews

Online reviews written by paying customers need to be addressed by the business. Not doing so will contradict customer-centric communications across other touchpoints. The way businesses deal with reviews is essential, especially those that portray the business as anything but perfect!


Whatever industry you are in, your audience is probably searching for your product or service on Google or other search engines. Pay-per-click is an internet advertising model used to drive traffic to websites. A solid PPC strategy is the key to planning, executing, and optimizing paid ad campaigns. Without a paid search strategy, you’re at risk of spending your budget without sufficient ROI.



Fantastic press coverage is a great way to get your message across to your clients. You may want to use a PR agency to run a media campaign for you – if you use the right bunch, the return on investment can be high.

Printed Collateral

Having great printed material is a must. You need business cards (perhaps more than one set) and great leave-behind materials for your clients at a minimum. Don’t forget, pens, keyrings, company calendars, business folders, business card holders, and many other promotional items can hold your businesses brand just as easily.


Word of mouth marketing is about the best you can get. Make sure that you ask for referrals or even have a referral scheme in place to generate new business. (See Elation referral scheme)


Getting your website to the top of the search engine rankings can really drive your sales. 81% of online shoppers start with google, so you need to be seen if these customers matter. Unless you have A LOT of time and expertise to bring to this exercise get a pro, they are worth their weight in gold.


Many companies can now help you to run great SMS marketing options. Get yourself a good marketing agency or find a professional online.


As with webinars, this is a great way to demonstrate your business ability to a live audience of prospects, but be sure to get that content right.

Social Media

Get tweeting and start linking in. The business community is thriving in these and many other social networking sites so you should make sure that you have your say.


Sponsoring a business event or community fundraiser will bring a lot of return if you sponsor relevantly and make sure to create a high profile around your sponsorship. Don’t just pay your money and turn up on the day – create a buzz, run a competition, bring a mascot! Make sure people know that you are there.


For certain markets, it is great to get public opinion on your product either face to face or online. It is also a great means of data capture.


Making appropriate calls to the right people with relevant information is a great way for many businesses to introduce their products to the market. Sadly too often telesales calls are made to the wrong people in the wrong way so plan plan plan and make sure your clients are hearing what they want to hear from you.

User-generated content

Alternatively known as user-created content, is any form of content, such as images, videos, text, and audio, that has been posted by users on online platforms.

Virtual Events

During 2020 and 2021, virtual events have been a viable substitution for more traditional expos and business conferences. Platforms, such as 6connex, support the effective planning, delivery and attendance to virtual and hybrid events from anywhere in the world.


Sharing your information can be done much more interactively if you run an online training and discussion session. You can discover the technology all over the internet, but never embark on a webinar if your content is not of the highest quality.


Get a good design team and create an online presence that represents your brand. Many sales techniques will involve driving traffic to your website and, if poor quality, or still non-existent, you will really struggle.

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