Respect vs. Influence – What is your ‘Scale of Leadership’?

This should have stopped surprising me a while ago, but for some reason, it has not.

Good leadership is like good parenting or good teaching. If you do it well, you get great outcomes, and if you muck it up, everyone ends up unhappy.

There are several qualities of great leaders and managers that I have talked about in other blogs, but when getting to the nitty-gritty of the leadership culture in your business, you need to think about the real impact that your leaders are having before you think about their attributes.

I may BE highly motivated, but if I am not inspiring motivation in my team, then I am not motivational.

I may BE extremely articulate, but if I am not creating clarity for my team, then I am not a clear communicator.

At Elation, we talk about the SCALES OF LEADERSHIP: (Not like those on fish… just to be clear!)

The scale of leadership is about the areas in which your leaders are really having a significant impact.

At Elation, we define our leadership culture by the scale of RESPECT and INFLUENCE – we want to see all of our leaders delivering consistently in both areas.

Our leaders should aspire to be respected and give respect to others. 

We put specific constructs in place to ensure that people feel valued – that people experience gratitude, so we build a culture of mutual respect. We ask our leaders to behave with integrity and be prepared to be vulnerable, ensuring they are viewed as sincere. Most importantly, we ask them to strive for consistent personal improvement and model what we expect to see from our teams. If people are not both respected and able to show respect, they simply do not fit in around here.

Our leaders should also be able to confidently influence the people that they lead.  

We seek to positively influence the performance of ourselves and others at all times. We share our knowledge freely – we engage regularly and with enthusiasm, so that when we see a chance to be better – we take it. We set clear expectations, and we coach and train to strive for constant improvement. No one makes excuses about why things are not achieved, we find a way because we recognise the power of our influence and use it always.

We know that truly ambitious people thrive in an environment of respect and influence, so we try to build one.

You can learn more about this scale of leadership in our YouTube video.

Are you brave enough to seek to define the scale of leadership in your business?

If so, read on:

The exercise is easy; ask yourself, honestly, what effect your leaders are having in your business? Do you see loyalty? Do you see conflict? Do you see hard work? Do you see corner cutting? What are you really seeing in your team?

Then think about how you would mark that impact on a scale of 1-10.

If you see loyalty 100% of the time then it’s a 10/10

If you regularly see conflict maybe that’s a 7/10

If you never see coaching then that is a 0/10

Be honest, gather opinion from all areas and think about the areas of impact that define your business.  

The things that you consistently score above an 8/10 are the things that define your culture.

Look back at this exercise and think seriously about whether that defines the business you want to be part of.

What if you want to change your scale of influence? Redefining culture takes time and skill. To begin building the culture that you really want to exist in, give this workshop a try.

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