Our Top Ten Tips to Relax and Unwind this Christmas

We love Christmas here at Elation – the fabulous food; the festive fizz; the fun-filled family-time! But we also know how difficult it can be to switch off when you’ve been busy at work and your head is buzzing with business planning for 2019.

So, here are our  Top 10 Tips to Relax and Unwind this Christmas, ensuring you return rejuvenated and full of excitement for your business year to come!


#1 Preparation is key!

Make sure everyone knows your Christmas operating hours well enough in advance. Shutting down for the whole time? Great. Only closing for the Bank Holidays. Not so great, but if that’s your thing – it’s cool too! Just make sure people know. Email signatures, social media, quick reminder emails all help to spread the word, so you won’t be disturbed while you’re trying to get the ‘guest sausage rolls’ in the oven!


#2 Have a plan, but be realistic

Especially if you’re going to be the last person to leave the office on the last day of official work. We’ve all done it – work til 12.00noon on Christmas Eve, have a festive mince pie, everything will be quiet and I’ll be able to knock off nice and early – result. But things don’t always work out that way and if you’re the only person in the office to sort any last minute issues, be prepared for your early leaving time to slip.


#3 Set your boundaries

For some of us, it’s more stressful to not be contactable – control freak anyone? Moi?! So, if you’re one of those people, communicate early what is ok and what isn’t. For example if you’re off work for the entire period, let everyone know (colleagues, clients etc.) that you won’t be leaping to answer phone calls during this time, but if something is urgent, you might respond to an email before 12.00noon etc. Frustration arises when you feel hounded and other people feel abandoned. Setting clear boundaries, communicating them and sticking to them is your best plan for dealing with taking time off.


#4 Get mentally prepared

Just because your calendar pings up to remind you you’re on holiday doesn’t always mean your mind catches on as quickly! Have a cut off time when you know your holiday has started – work is done, and you are fun mode! It could be from dinner the night of your last working day – emails are sent, out of office is on, work phone is switched off! Let’s get this party started!


#5 Prioritise

Be honest with yourself – if something comes up over Christmas does it really need to be dealt with right now or can it wait until the New Year? Be totally objective, don’t catastrophise and don’t be a martyr!


#6 Time off is good for you!

The psychological, physical and productivity benefits of unplugging and taking time off are well-documented. If you want to be that super driven go-getter in 2019 – go tiger! – you need to finish off the year with a bit of well-deserved R&R!


#7 Sl-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-w down!

We’re so used to rushing everywhere, having a million things to do, deadlines to hit – we’re a slave to our phones, our notifications – ping, ping, ping!!! Aaaaargh! It’s no wonder we’re all just a teensy bit stressed! Use this Christmas break to slow things down, stay in the moment and really enjoy whatever it is you’re doing right now, without thinking about the next thing – be present this Christmas! (Get it – present…Christmas??!!!). Check out some more terrible Christmas jokes!


#8 Plan some fun things to do

Boredom (despite sometimes being a great thing – we learn new skills and usually have our best ideas when we’re bored!) is the enemy of switching off! When we’re bored we look for things to do and if that’s usually check your phone for work emails, that’s what you’ll do…. NO – NOT THIS TIME!!! Plan some fun activities with your family and/or friends and enjoy this freedom you have. In Bristol? Check out this handy guide.


#9 Consider a digital detox…

A what??? Are you mad???? I know – I hear you! But, it can be very liberating to stow the technology for a while. Even if it’s just leaving your phone upstairs while you watch a Christmas film with the kids or leave your phone at home while you’re having dinner with friends – I know this one is frightening and for advanced digital detox-ers only!!! Build up to it slowly, so you don’t suddenly feel all your gadgets have been wrenched from your bosom but give it a try – you might like it! Get some ideas here.


#10 Finally – remember – no matter how busy you are or how vital your role is – you are entitled to take time off and enjoy the festive season however you choose!


Above all, have a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

If you’re wondering how you can make the most of all this energy and excitement you’ll have in the New Year once you follow all our tips to relax and unwind this Christmas – check out our Growth Academy – we still have a couple of places left on our January intake, but you’ll need to be quick!

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