Make Every Enquiry Count

How much time do you spend looking at your enquiry conversion and reviewing the amount of lost business and the reasons why?

The reality is that when you start doing this activity you will, without doubt, see room for improvement.  You may observe a need for:

There will be plenty of things that are getting in the way of you winning the business that you deserve, and creating a plan for addressing these, will make your business healthier overnight.

We all know that every enquiry is sacred in an organisation, and if your team are not managing your enquiries well enough, then you will be missing out on business, but how do we know what to do about this?

The process by which we propose business is fundamental to the amount of business we win, so it’s worth taking some time to think about this.

Let me ask you a few questions.

What guidelines do you have in place for how your business handles enquiry?

                Winning business is about meeting people’s needs, and how you capture an enquiry in your business is key to how well they convert.

If your team are not properly questioning your clients, understanding needs, qualifying your enquiries, then you will be impacting your conversion rates.  Be sure that you are clear about what content and approach your team need to take when dealing with a new enquiry to ensure that they are able to provide the right proposal or quotation first time around.

How well do you measure your enquiry conversion?

One of the biggest sales leaks in a business is often at enquiry stage –  making sure you fully understand how effective your lead nurture is and how well your team implement it is key.

Many businesses provide no structure around quote creation or follow up and so are unable to measure what business is being lost.  This leaves a real gap to success for your organisation, so put in place clear tracking so you are able to assess what opportunities you are missing.

How effectively are you influencing evaluation?

When a customer or prospect comes to you to request pricing or a proposal, they are in the process of evaluating how effectively your business can support them.  There are so many influencing factors here at the evaluation stage, and to meet these you need to be really slick as a business.

If you do not meet or exceed your customer expectations, then you will fail to win business.  A poorly timed response, a badly written email, an error on the quote; all of these things can impact on your ability to convert.

If you want to know more about how to really influence evaluation you can hear all about this in my great interview with Darryl Praill at Vanilla Soft.

In the meantime, take a look at your businesses lead nurture and think about the practices that you need to put in place to really maximise your revenue.

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