How Your Behaviour Impacts Profit.

The behaviours that lose your business money may be subtle. Until you learn to spot them, you will never truly achieve your profit goals.


Every day I am asked what is getting in the way of teams achieving more, earning more, selling more, and every day, I remind my clients that the culture of their business is the thing that defines its success.

Your culture tells your team about the acceptable behaviours and habits that reflect best practice.

Let me share some statements I have had to share with clients of mine: 

  • Your business demands the punctuality of its staff, yet the internal meetings rarely start on time.

  • You request fast response times for clients, but internal messages are often left unanswered.

  • Your managers ask for accuracy, yet the business regularly makes errors that are overlooked.

  • You expect a positive attitude from your staff, but leaders and managers are often disgruntled and openly complaining.

When you ask for a set of behaviours that are rarely seen in your business, you build a culture of hypocrisy that will NOT bring results.

If we value a specific behaviour, we must hold it dear in our words, our actions and all of our decisions. We must agree from the very top which characteristics define our business, and we must all be prepared to align with them.

Businesses that have leaders with positive intentions and focus on the people, are the ones that achieve high performance. When our values are not well aligned, we invite conflict, so much so that it is pretty much guaranteeing it.

  • If you value reliance, then everyone should be on time.

  • If you value problem-solving, you must embrace mistakes.

  • If you value people, you must invest time in your team.

  • If you value empathy, you must seek to understand.

Your business is a community of human beings – the way they behave, the way they perform, and their achievements are the result of each leader they see and experience. If you are not prepared to consistently deliver on a value, you cannot ask others to do the same.

The real truth is that often leaders who are encouraging the wrong culture are totally ignorant of their impact. They are trying to promote high levels of motivation without demonstrating the right work ethic or leadership characteristics. Bad leaders demonstrate engagement that they rarely show and claim they are responsible even when they resort to blaming.

World-class businesses have a set of behaviours that align completely with the values of the leaders and focus on positive intentions.

The way your team behave in your business will always be a mirror of the leadership that they see, so if you see incompetence in your team – look upwards – challenge leadership behaviour and make sure that you have a team who are living your values.

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