Helping the Reluctant Salesman to Excel

“Everyone Lives by Selling Something” Robert Louis Stevenson


Here at Elation we are really passionate about sales – not only is it the lifeblood of every business but the skill set required to be great at sales is something that we believe everyone can benefit from developing.

Think about it, you are working with other human beings to help influence their decision making process.  You need to understand the way that humans think and how they need to be communicated with (basic psychology) you need to understand what really matters about your product and service and share that message clearly (basic marketing) you need to be able to educate your audience on the value of working with you and the quality of your offering (basic teaching practice).  That is not all, you need to understand about presenting value and selling at correct margins,  you’ll need to appreciate the operational delivery in your business and what is appropriate to sell to whom and when.  I could go on.

Whether you are planning a career in sales or you simply want to be the best Doctor/Web Designer/Accountant/ Librarian that you can possibly be a good grounding in sales will really serve you well.

It is for this reason that at Elation we focus a lot of our time providing sales training and coaching to non-sales professionals.  Those that we politely call the ‘reluctant’ salesman.  These are professional experts in their field who have no desire to become ‘sales people’ and pursue a career selling full time but they are in regular contact with clients and are in a position to influence the amount of revenue generated in their business.

Our clients in the area are typically professional services (accountants, lawyers, IFAs) or Tech companies (software developers, engineers et.c) and we are working with all of these specialist client facing teams to help them understand how they can effectively influence their clients decisions to work with their business.

The most important place to start is to dispel some of the myths that people have about what selling really is.  Selling is not manipulating people into purchasing something they are not sure they want, it is not pushing someone into spending more than they need to, it is not pressuring someone until they give up and buy regardless of their needs.   Selling is about identifying problems that your clients have and finding ways of solving those problems.  It’s about demonstrating that you can add real value to the clients world by working with them.  Its about encouraging them to commit to working with you by demonstrating that it will bring real benefit.

So this is where we start – we talk about the customer focused role of the sales person – we dispel some of the myths and then start really looking at how a non-sales professional can develop techniques that will allow them to impact on the number of clients that work with the business.

We have some really great case studies about these kind of projects and how we have really impacted on businesses who rely on non-sales professionals to grow their business.

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