Frequently Asked Questions

What if my company changes during the project?

As long as you keep us up-to-date (in fact, check in and ask our advice, we might be able to give you a new perspective), then we can adapt our work around your business changes.

I don’t have a sales team, can you still help?

Of course. We love working with smaller businesses as well as those on the larger side of the SME scale, to help them grow. We’ve got a range of services that we adapt to our clients, no matter what size they are. Under our ‘Service’ page you can see the different ways of accessing the Three Pillars and decide which one is right for your business.

My team has varying experience, how can you help them all?

Everything we do comes from our experience, but we often have to experience your business before we make any suggestions. Any training and development suggestions will come as a result of a detailed understanding of your team as a whole and individuals, so we’ll tailor everything to your unique situation.

I already got outsourced support, will you work with them?

Absolutely! Over the years, we have teamed-up with lots of other outsourced suppliers used by our clients, from business coaches, finance consultants and recruitment specialists, to designers, marketing experts and PR consultants. We always find that as long as both parties are open, then we’re both able to provide additional benefits and our client gets the best results.

How much does Elation charge?

This depends on the route you take into The Three Pillars and on the level of support you need. Get in touch to find out.

How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man?

The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.

Where are you based and will you come to me?

Elation HQ is in Bristol, but we’ve got a satellite office in London, as we’re normally there at least once a week. We’re always happy to travel for clients (especially to warm countries), although depending on the distance, it will impact on how quickly we can meet you. In most cases seeing our client’s office is integral to our solutions, but for a first meeting, any convenient location is fine. Remember Skype and other video conferencing tools are great for first meetings too.

How long will it take before the project starts?

We understand that once a client has decided to use us they’re eager to get going and see the changes in their business. However, we also understand that for any project to be effective, it’s vital to set it up properly. As soon as we’ve received a signed proposal, we’ll get in touch to set-up the first assessment session. Following the assessment, we will set up your next round of support sessions immediately.

How much work will I have to do?

It all depends on the project, but all we really ask, is that our clients are open to our suggestions and stick to any commitments we agree on together.

How will I know what you’re doing when you’re not with us?

With all of our projects, there’s a lot of behind the scenes work to ensure that when we’re with you, everything runs smoothly. To make sure you’re always kept up-to-date with what we’re working on for you, we’ll use a project management tool which we will all (you included!) update with all activity.

What guarantees do I have that I’ll get ROI?

We don’t offer guarantees, but to see how well we’ve performed with other clients, why not take a look at our case studies?

I don’t want anything to do with sales, will you do it all?

We do everything we can to make sales as easy as possible for our clients. It’s not always easy to step away from it entirely, but where we can, we’ll take it off your hands and even help to find you other suppliers to help with the rest.

Have you worked in my sector before?

We’ve got a great deal of experience and everyone in the team has a background in a different area. We might not have worked in your exact sector before, but our experience and methodologies are transferable across any market.

Who do you work with?

We’ll work with any business, as long as we all agree we can provide a genuine benefit and we get along with them. Our clients span any sector, but as a rule, they have a real desire to drive their business forward and they’re happy to take risks and challenge their normal working patterns. We don’t work with large businesses as we want to help those that don’t have the resources to help themselves, so normally fewer than 250 employees.

The Three Pillars of successful Selling

Everything we do at Elation Experts is under-pinned by our unique Three Pillars of Successful Selling methodology.
The Three Pillars of Successful Selling is designed to ensure that a business has complete strength in
its sales operation and is the only system of its kind available to SMEs.

More about the Three Pillars.

Don’t just take our word for it

I was impressed by Karen. At first, I wasn’t sure what she could teach to our experienced advisors, but her work brought a real benefit to us. Karen’s sessions on negotiation were really helpful….. Read More

Ben Olson, Managing Director Grosvenor Consultancy

I particularly like the process and structure of the Three Pillars system – it produces real evidence on which to base your improvements.

Guy Tullberg, MD Tracklements Three Pillars Programme


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