Driving Powerful Change

Being the Change Driver in your Business

All good businesses constantly change and develop but right now the pressure of change on your organisation will be greater than it has ever been.

The business climate is evolving so quickly that change is constant and there is often no chance for robust enough planning.

Making any changes in your business requires that everyone in the team delivering the change makes significant and consistent changes to their behaviour. It also requires that the leader of the change supports the process in the right way.

The bad news is that 67% of people find change very hard to handle and so you’ll have a large portion of your business who are so far outside of their comfort zone right now that they will be struggling to deliver on their roles.

Whenever the status quo is disrupted in your business your team will go through a significant period of exploration and this is where you need to really take the right action to get the best results:

The Exploration Phase:

When presented with a need to do things differently human beings attempt to assess and evaluate that need for change.   We ask ourselves the age-old questions;

During this period of evaluation there are many times when your team could begin to reject the change and become resistant to taking the relevant action.  Without genuine buy-in from your team you will never drive the change that you need.

If you understand that change is a journey and that if you overcome any resistance you will get a faster and most effective change, you will be better equipped to drive your team to perform to optimum levels.

There are a few things that you should be thinking about when looking to implement change effectively.

  1. Communication – the quality of information you share with your team is key to their level of buy-in. They will need to be fully briefed about the change you are making as far in advance as possible  You will need to reinforce the communication with good follow up and clear notes so that there is a good level of clarity.
  1. Justification – when communicating your change requirements to your team you will need to be clear on why you have chosen to make these changes, what value they will bring for the business, the customer, and the individual.  This will answer many of the questions above and also ensure that you have considered all relevant challenges to your choice.
  1. Expectations – every time you ask a person or a group to embed a different set of behaviours it is important that you are clear about your expectations of how. You should be clear with everyone, specifically in relation to what the changes will mean in terms of their role, what they need to do differently and how you will measure and feedback on that.  Without this clarity you will get a very inconsistent set of outcomes.
  1. Implementation – the process of change is a set of steps that lead to a different outcome. As a business you should always be thinking about the stages of implementation. What action do you and the individual team members need to take, in what time frames and with what outcomes?  Setting out clear guidance for how the business will embed the change will ensure you get the results that you want.

Taking your team through a period of change will require exactly the right type of leadership and approach.

If you think carefully about how your business will embrace these above key areas, you will support your team to bring about real change effectively.

If you would like to hear more of my thoughts on change and how it impacts a business you can check out my short video on the subject HERE

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