Defining a Successful Mind Set

As MD of Elation, I spend a lot of time thinking about how to bring real sales success to businesses. My whole approach is based on the idea that really great performance is about two things – technique and mind set in equal measure.

It is not just what we do, but the intentions and motivations behind what we do that really impact on our results. It is not only in the sales environment that having the right mind set is key.  Our mind set is what tells us how to react to the world, it is a habit or set of characteristics that determine how we respond to each situation in our lives.  We often think of this as ‘what makes us tick.’

Unlike the techniques that are important for business success, mind set cannot really be taught.

Mind set is something that we choose, either consciously or subconsciously. It is something that is formed from our beliefs, attitudes and feelings and informs our behaviours.  To really embed success into individuals and teams it’s important to think seriously about mind set and these considerations should be woven into any coaching, training or change programme designed to bring about enhanced performance.

Most business people are thinking on one level or another about success for most of their careers.  How to get that promotion or pay rise; how to get better results from their teams; how to make their team more successful; or how to win more clients.

All of those preoccupations require us to be successful. So, if we could unlock the key to a successful mind set we have the potential to really change our results, whatever your goals may be.

There are a few characteristics that are key for really successful individuals and if we are able to nurture these we can begin to establish a real mind set of success.

Control – truly successful people only concern themselves with things that they are able to control. They focus solely on those things that they can actively influence and change.  They put their effort and attention into activities and thought that will bring genuine improvements. In a competitive environment, for example, they would not invest lots of energy worrying about their peers’ pricing strategy but would instead work on how they add value to their own offering.   This type of thinking creates productive outcomes.

Vision – in order to achieve genuine success it is important to be truly outcome orientated. This is about having vision – having a clearly defined goal or end game. When we become too task orientated or too bogged down with our ‘to do list’ we can easily lose sight of the overall intention of our activities and this can change the quality and effectiveness or our tasks.  Evaluating each task according to how effectively it helps to build our vision makes people more productive and effective.

Accountability – being prepared to shoulder the responsibility of your decisions and outcomes is fundamental for real success. Those with a high performing mind set never look for blame. Instead, when faced with underperformance or challenge they ask “what could I have done differently?”.  They never accept being the victim of their situation but rather think about how they can influence it for the better.

Focus – all exceptional performers – in any field – are able to apply absolute focus with ease. They know that being talented is not enough. It is the application of that talent that matters.  An elite sportsman will tell you without question that they work as hard on ‘getting in the zone’ as they do on their physical performance. Being able to bring your best to any situation regardless of external influence is fundamental to success.

It is these four areas that we focus on relentlessly when building winning mind sets in the teams that we work with.

If you would like me to come to your south west-based business and present this information to your team, just let us know!

Karen Dunne-Squire | Elation MD, Speaker, Leader, Entrepreneur is a leading expert on sales practice and business growth. As a leading Trainer & Speaker, Karen’s firm belief is that continued personal development is essential in order to produce really thriving and high performing teams.

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