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Most of our clients are preoccupied with how to get the best leaders in their business and I am often asked to give comment on the personality attributes that make a good leader. It would be easy to say that every good leader possesses confidence, good communication skills, perhaps a level head, but the reality is that in the world of management and leadership there is no one best way.  Every leader has a style that identifies them as a leader and when you compare great leaders it is often hard to spot a lot of unifying characteristics.

When approaching leadership development and training I think it is more important to think about the characteristics of the team that you would like to lead.  Most successful leaders would agree that a high functioning teams has certain fundamental things in common:

The important thing to think about is what behaviours a leader might need to choose to create those attributes in their team.


The job of a true leader is to drive the right behaviours in their team.  Behaviours that bring about the results that the business wants to see.  Really good quality leadership training needs to provide individuals with the tools to influence team performance in a positive way.

When working with aspiring leaders I always focus on a simple three step process that gives the skills to achieve this.  Understanding this process and being able to implement it with skills brings real results.

Teach – to head up a team to need to be able to communicate your requirements in a way that is clearly understood and easy to action. You need to be considerate of your communication styles and the preferences of your team.  You need to be concise and to properly justify your requests.  If you are armed with some basic teaching techniques you will do this with great effect so this is where we start.

Reinforce – even with the most effective communication styles important messages needs reinforcing. If a leader is asking a team for a consistent level of change or improvement this needs to be tracked, measured and reinforced.  Successes should be praised and underperformance managed quickly and in a productive way.  Understand about the diverse methods available to a business in reinforcing performance is key to delivering real results.

Manage – whatever the level of performance in a business there needs to be a programme of continuous personal development to nurture strong skills and enhance in areas of development. Understanding the best management practices to coach and develop a team will be key to achieving real high performance.

These three areas of managerial success are key to providing the right structure and approach to any individual who wants to establish themselves as a new leader.

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Karen Dunne-Squire | Elation MD, Speaker, Leader, Entrepreneur is a leading expert on sales practice and business growth. As a leading Trainer & Speaker, Karen’s firm belief is that continued personal development is essential in order to produce really thriving and high performing teams.

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