Avoiding Resistance In Change

Every new business decision you make requires solid buy-in from your team if you want it to have a real impact.

Every time we make a change in our business, we are asking for the people involved in that change to embrace a brand new set of behaviours, and however big or small they are, they cannot be achieved without change.

We are always relying on the people in our team to embrace change, and implement it well if we want constant improvement.

Let me paint an all too common picture.

We’ve all been there – we recognise a need for change or development to our processes or practices. We come up with a great idea that we are sure will improve the way we work. We share it with the relevant people.

Nothing happens…………….

We get frustrated, blame them or ourselves, and we never see the impact of our desires. Often we tell ourselves that the decision was wrong. Or the people are wrong. Or indeed everything is wrong. This reaction to change is one of the biggest barriers to growth in any business.

So, what is the answer?

Well, the starting point is to recognise that all change faces resistance, even the best ideas, and you need to acknowledge that first. Whenever you interrupt the status quo you invite resistance. Whenever you challenge the way things are done, you are asking people to take a step into the unknown. This requires bravery, and the bravery of your team depends totally on how you lead them.

A culture of reassurance, open communication, and consistent expectations is key to supporting people through periods of adaption. In a really powerful business – great communication, great implementation and great levels of ownership make real change sustainable.

At Elation, we have created change management models that help even the most resistant teams move through change. If you want to know how to really avoid resistance in ‘change’ you can learn lots more from our wonderful Emma in this video.

If you are not sure how your team are feeling about change then we can help you to create great quality employee engagement assessments, ensuring we can be clear about how brave your team is feeling, and how well your culture supports them.

Becoming the change driver in your business is no easy task, but with great process, high levels of empathy, and quality leadership – any change can bring great results.


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